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Subject    Why Cyclone my invention air swirling device must be fix every car?

World face global warmup and cold disaster, that's no related with CO2 gas,
instead of that transparent, final complete burned CO2 gas,
Ozon layer(O3) thinning also relate with CO gas, in completed burning gas.

Unburned black carbon dusts, combined with white cloud increased huge grey clouds, must be blamed for these global warm up, because they absorb and covers the sun ray, we can't see brilliant so many night stars before 1990.

Of course car makers try to develop electric vehicles, but all other cars still emits pollutions.

Catalytic converter is not all for stop pollution, that's chemical oxidation reaction and also it gives back pressure and power drop and bad mileage also, but Cyclone improved the life of converter's life and function by complete burn effect.

In 1994 in USA Cyclone test result shows great reduction all 3 harmful gas, CO, HC, NOx at gasoline engine also improved mileage.
Reduction diesel engine's black pollutants same because similar engine principal.
By complete burn, improved fuel efficiency it can drive with higher gear.

EFI computerized engine simply injected fuel only, turbo charger has turbo lag at low speed, diesel engines has slow response like all automatic transmission and loud noise, vibration, with black smoke, also all engine has intake and exhaust   interference leads more pressing accelerator, but it's different with Cyclone equipped to all kinds of engine.

So I suggest fix Cyclone to every car and it make more complete burning and less emission, better engine function, prevent of unintended sudden car acceleration  accident and engine fire by deposited carbon in engine by it's deposited carbon cleaning effect and complete swirl burning all the way.
In gasoline engine it make improved braking forces also by improving vacuum forces hydro-vac system.

Saving fuel also definite but problem is the wrong testing method of saving fuel,
it must be done by consumed fuel per driving distance, but USA EPA lead wrongly calculates emission gases analysis, those method must be restricted on the emission gas calculation only, because engine power is much more mechanical than pure chemical reactions only.

Energy especially car fuel prices increasingly rapidly like world car pollution, reducing the pollution problem all engine must be fix Cyclone from car manufacture company and related people including government and society including UN.
This suggestion is not a wish of an inventer but it's for saving the world environment for all human, plants including next generations.

So many times developed Cyclone has 20 effective points and with only one unit effective in every internal combustion engine running all kinds of fuel, but more unit also better because it has air charging effect, more swirling with air cooling effect like turbo intercooler.

As an car engineer 30 years more worked at this car fields and 10 years worked experience at car manufacture company,
also as a artist loving this wonderful landscape and brilliant night stars,
my sincere hope will be same to everybody's want.........

Please remember without my invention Cyclone, from motorbike, passenger car, truck and bus to marine engine, it's like without biting food, un-digestion, bad mileage, toxic emission, noisy, and sometimes dangerous machine can't controlled by simple brake pedal, sometimes caught on fire, even can't crank well in cold weather, with air-conditioning power drop.........

Sei Young Kim / inventer & president of KIDC
website www.cyclone3.com
email: cyclone10@naver.com  
mobile: *82-(0)10-5245-8825    

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