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Subject   New product- Water Electrolysis


Our human body constiturte by 70% water, meaning that good water is very important.

Every gorvement supply good water including chloline(Cl) but Cl is bad to our cell also.

Developed Water Electrolysis disolves Cl and heavy metals and producing O2, and H2 small bobble.

I tested for 4~5 yeas and result it's very good for our health.
And good for the plants.

As you see Amarilius flower also blosom now and leaves glows 1m long all the years,
former it dries and fade away at winter season.
Now time is 2016 December.
That plant still alive and much more bigger.
Every year in Spring time blossom......
That design also modified nicely with much more reliability.
83 years old man drinking this water told me he' s no pain and younger.
I'm also same.......

Inventer Sei young Kim
emai: cyclone10@naver.com
010 5245 8825

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