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Subject   My development Water electrolysis and Cyclone effects

One of my young 40 around age customer's reply of effect was
Better condition in health climbimg mountain and wood scrap moving power~.
and Carstar milleage is down town 8km/ L highway 13 over~~

My water electrolysis delete toxic Chroline in supplied water~ make hydrogen and it has strong anti oxydation effect also its light alkaline with mineral good for our health.
I drink only this water over 15 years~ and good digestion ~ no pain~ look younger~
Test result shows no bacteria at all~ with minerals~~
20 liters big ~ from last year I shower with heating....
Chroline easily absord through our skin~but this water has no Cl.by electrolysis

내개발 전기분해장치 탈염소및 수소발생 알카리수 음용효과 물은즉
답변은 "건강의 차도는 확실히 있어요. 산도 잘 타게 되고 얼마전 산속을 이동하면서  나무벌목후 옮기는 노동도 잘 하게 되더라구요."
싸이크론 고객이기도한바
"요즘에 카스타연비가 고속더로 13km이상 시내는 8km 이상 나와요"

세달전 모친 사별, 제사 기름진 음식후 머리쪽 혈관좁아져 건강 문제로 기기 주문했고, 바로 물도 보낸바 어지럼증도 개선됐다고~~~

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