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  MASTER 2010-03-01 02:14:06, Hit : 2584
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Subject   230,000 Km AUDI Quartro fixing Cyclone & Plasma spark plug
Before fixing Cyclone and Plasma spark plug I did test driving.
Slow response it was, heard noise at bottom body part.
Already owner knew Cyclone has more effective at more unit fixing.
And he wanted change to nice car.

Before air filter 2 unit, and after AFS-Air Flow Sensor 2 unit fixed, and engine condition was more fsat reaction,
And after repalce plug, 1 of plug was carbon builted 1.5mm, may because of engine oil sleeks from valve guide rubber.

After replaced with Plasma spark plug, engine noise was quite lower down.
and by car lifter, we start fix Cyclone exhaust pipe, loose bolt after catalytic converter 2 junction places 2 Cyclone fixed at 2 EX. pipe line with strong stopper, and one more Cyclone fixed at big one exhaust pipe.
And engine started and almost no engine noise.

After car test drivie again, at highway feeling slme knocking, engine feels some vibrations, initially I feels Plasma spark plug unmatch with this engine.
But soon after some more causious driving problem was cured,
and I feel deposited carbon in 1 cylinder , and by Cyclone's carbon cleaning effect. And noise was no more heard and brcking force also muc hmore improved.
Heard shassie was light  aluminum, if engine vibrated body also can make some noise.

I hope your car also can be chang to better than new car, with more unit fo Cyclone & Plasma spark plug.

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