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Subject   Environment solution, former dragon dead reason,........

We're in bad earth environment, every moment increased bad pollution.

In late newspaper(Sorry this is Korean newspaper) reported that 41scientists resolved that in 65.5million years ago our planet former dragons disappeared reason was 10~15Km diameter meteorite falling at 20Km/sec speed near Mexico, make explosion with more 100million power than Hiroshima nuclear bomb, black smoke make some years covered sky and cuts sunray and plants die and dragon also die. Nowadays also same situation, every sky also covered with gray cloud, formed with unburned carbon from every vehicle, and it cuts sun ray and make colder our earth and bad our health.
And I think shrinkage our earth make increasing earthquake also can make fire and smoke. You can't see clear sky, under smog so there's no clear star lights.
We must reduce air pollution in every thing, so every vehicle must fix Cyclone more complete burning device, reduce open firing.

최근 신문기사중 국제 과학자41명은 발표하기를 과거 6550만년전 공룡의 사멸이유를 멕시코부근에 떨어진 직경 10~15키로의 운석이 초속 20Km 속도로 충돌한 때문이라 결론지었다. 충돌의 파괴력은 히로시마 원폭의 10억배로 검은연기가 지구를 수년간 가려 식물이 죽고 초식동물과 먹이사슬 연쇄적 생물의 2/3가 멸망으로 결론.....
지금도 유사하다 판단함은 자동차공해급증으로 회색연기로 가려져, 별빛도 사라지고,
검은구름층의 증가는 온난화를 부채질하며, 폐암등 호흡기질환의 급증함은물론, 지표면 온도저하는 수축을 일으켜 지진빈도증가와 해일발생과 다량의 눈, 비를 맞고있다.
따라서 전세계 차량의 완전연소 장치 싸이크론의 장착은 필수적이다.............

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